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 Pakistani Hackers w4s h3r3


 Greetings Government of India, and the people of India :) ,

Do you know what your so called hero's (soldiers) are doing in Kashmir ? Do you know they are killing many innocent people in Kashmir ?
Do you know they have raped many girls ? Do you know they still are raping girls in Kashmir ? How would you feel if your brother, sister, father and mother gets killed :( ? How would you feel if someone raped your mother or sister :( ? Won't your life and your families be destroyed ?

I really don't care if Kashmir belongs to Pakistan or India ! All I care is for humanity !
What has the people in Kashmir done to India ? Why are your soldiers there even ?

People in Kashmir has the right to live in peace !
Kindly take back your murderers and rapists home !
Thank you, Regards -M4573R 5N|P3R | TeaM Pak Cyber Experts

Nothing deleted, or stolen. Just here to deliver my message to the government and the people of India :)


# Security Is Just An Illusion


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